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Project Statement

My intention for CRAFTING COMMUNITY: Africa to America is to use pottery making as a tool to celebrate and connect a diverse demographic of Black women. The project encompassed studying under female Master Potters in Ghana West Africa and building upon those lessons to curate unifying artistic experiences for Black women in my hometown. A more detailed project summary is provided HERE.

CRAFTING COMMUNITY is the product of my desire to foster social connections through art. Like many artists, I believe in the ability of art to heal, empower, and catalyze personal transformation. My long-term aspiration is for CRAFTING COMMUNITY to evolve into a broader movement for creative social change in the future.

Scheduled Events:


Temple Contemporary (2001 N. 13th St)

Sept. 26th-Oct. 6th 2018



North Philadelphia to Old City

Saturday Oct. 27th 2018

Meet 9:30am at Temple Contemporary (2001 N. 13th St)



African American Museum in Philadelphia (701 Arch St)

Saturday Oct. 27th 2018, 10am - 1pm

FREE and open to the public. All are welcomed.

Workshops are open to all self-identified Black women: 

Sponsors & Community Partners: